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At AgroPlus we strive to have full farm products that provides each of our customers with the top solutions for their operation. 

As a local independent owned and operated agriculture retail, we base our recommendations off of years of in-field experience and keep the growers best interest in mind.

Agriculture Inputs


We carry a full line of canola, corn, forage & grass seed.


As the crop grows certain diseases can infect your crop.  These products will prevent your crop from being infected to preserve yield and quality.

Seed Treatment

Whether it is cereals, pulses or canola we have the right solution to mitigate disease and insect pressure right from the start of the season.


To protect the crop during all growth stages these products reduce the damage of select insects.  Used at the appropriate time we try to avoid injuring beneficial insect populations.


These products will help your crop reach its full potential by reducing weed competition.


Applied at the appropriate crop stage these products help growers get the highest quality product off their land.

Growth Regulators

These products aid in crop harvest by reducing the risk of lodging.

Foliar Nutrition

From nutritional to biostimulants these products enhance your crops growth and quality.

Some of
Our Other Unique Solutions

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